Friday, January 11, 2013

100,000e an hour Method #1 by Canuk

What you need:

- 1 pass (you will get it back)
- 500e
- access to the direct sales

What you do:

go to the direct sales and search the following criteria
gender --> female
age --> more than 8
passes --> =1
equus --> under 501
more criteria --> morpheus arms

now sort the results by GP

(i advise against any horse with WoY)

What are you looking for:

> highest GP female you can find
> 100 BLUP
> highest skill points (optional)
> check the date you can breed her again.

My Pointers:

you want to find a mare WITH MA that you can breed so the closer to 10 years but 100 BLUP you can find the better. You need to keep in mind that GP is important (players simply won't buy low GP horses anymore).

Your goal is to breed the mare (no tears or twins) as many times as you can to the top GP stallion of that breed. The stud fee will set you back around 7500e and any money you make over that is profit.

A breeding cycle takes 2 years. Make sure the last foal is born before 25 years. If you sell the foal for 15,000e you just made yourself 7300e profit. At the 15,000e price the foals sell quickly. You might push it a bit and sell in the 18,000 to 20,000e range but they will take longer to sell and your goal is to offload them quickly.

If you breed a mare at 20 years, 22 years, and 24 years you can produce 3 foals (3 x 15,000 = 45,000 ..... subtract stud fees and vet and you are left with a profit of 21,900).

then you just age the mare up at your convenience to get your pass back. no age points required because it came with MA. Since you paid 1 pass 500e for the mare and since you get your pass back your actual profit can be 21,400 for just a few minutes of actual work.

I recommend finishing off the mares training while you are waiting to breed her or have bred her so that the foals will have higher IBS.

The thing is you need to know WHAT you are buying. You need to know the breed you are doing this with. There is some knowledge required. Buy the best mare you can for your 1 pass 500e investment, buy the best cover you can afford and don't risk more than you can afford to lose.

Look at what the top GP for sale for the breed is, look at what the top stud available GP is, look at what the selling price for no pass no tears foals is, price according to your foals GP. I find non affix foals in this price range sell faster than ones with an affix.

You want to sell quick so price accordingly. Know where your profit line is and aim for a number over that.