Friday, January 11, 2013

Foal Games by Dr Zig

What are foal games? They are a means of getting more skills, and isn't exactly a game. They help your horse get 10 extra points in every field.

Remember to board your foal in an EC with carrots and 100% clean and fertile meadows. Make sure that your foal is put to bed at age 6 months with 100% morale - this is very important! If it's below 10C you will need to put your foal to bed in the box each night.

8 months
groom, carrot, 1hr, feed, 7hrs, stroke, turnip, water, 30 mins

10 months
groom, carrot, 1hr, feed, water, 8hrs, stroke, turnip, 30 mins

1 year
groom, carrot, 1hr, feed, water, 9hrs, stroke, turnip

1 year 2 months
groom, carrot, 1hr, feed, 9hrs, stroke, 1hr, turnip

1 year 4 months
groom, carrot, 2hrs, feed, 9hrs, stroke, water

When Howrse tells you to feed one amount feed a different one (just for foal games):
* if 4.4lbs - then feed 8lbs
* if 6.6lbs - then feed 10lbs
* if 8.8lbs - then feed 12lbs
* if 11lbs - then feed 12lbs

Please note:
* when the game temperature is under 10 C / 50 F then your foal must sleep in its box
* these games work with every breed, in every season
* 1hr means one hour of foal games
* 7hrs means 7 hours of foal games
* yes, you must follow the steps in sequence
* your foal must have 100% morale
* If your foal has a shower box, philotes stroke, or achilles heel, then you can fit in the 50 hours of games more quickly.


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  2. Thanks for sharing :) It works perfectly. (For the Canadian server, just feed your horse double the recommended amount like the post says.)

    1. <- here is my profile. The 213th person to congratulate me wins either a Pandora's Box, Croesus' Fortune, or Hypnos' Blanket. The link on my name doesn't seem to work for some reason :/ Let's see if this works....

  3. What do you do after you've completed the foal games?

    1. After the foal games the horse will be 1 year and 6 months old, and then you can start the rides. ;) Lessons are available at 2 years old.

  4. These are the non companion ones right?

    1. These are the non companion ones yes. They work for every breed, season, and horse too.

  5. Thanks so much Dr Zig for creating these! They work so well with my howrses. :) I got 60 skill points every time! Thanks again for these!