Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting Paid for Passes: Parchement Horses by Canuk

Do you want to make money while getting passes? It's like getting paid to get passes! Parchment horses are the new pass horses- they give you money when you age them, and you still get that one pass from aging it into a pass horse!

If you buy a Parchment from the sales it looks like you will pay at least 8.000e for it. The average horse gives you 120e per day:

8000/120= 67 days (or 11 years)

Now you can easily buy a horse with parchment from thedirect salesfor under 5.000e.
5000/120=42 (or 7 years)

So you just bought a horse with parchment for 5.000e and it's 10 years old. That means in 120 days you will be the proud owner of a pass horse.
120x120e= 14.400e profit just from the parchment 14400e-5000= 9.400e straight profit

45e per day from lessons

11e per day boarding

15e per day feeding (averaged out over the seasons)

45- (11+15) = 19e profit per day

19e x 120 days = 2.280e profit
9400 + 2280 = 11,680 total profit at age 30 + free pass