Friday, January 11, 2013

Transferring Breeder's Reserve to EC

This is a way to "transfer" money from your breeder's account to your EC account. You require another player you trust or another account to do this, but either way it is slightly risky. Things you will need:
-2 trash horses.
-A very trusted friend.
-To be on when the friend is.

- Set the EC boarding fee to 25e a night.
- Buy a horse from your friend for how much you want to transfer.
- Sell the horse for how much to transfer.
- Board a horse in the EC for a period of time, and extend the stay until you have used up all the money from the bought horse.
Keep accepting the stay.
Sell the boarded horse to the transferer.
Cancel the boarding on the second bought horse.

This will require being on at the same time as your friend, and unless you chat offsite on when you have accomplished an extent stay/accept stay, you will have to constantly refresh the pages. I imagine that using a multi account might help. I've done this several times before, and I know that cancelling the stay only works if you've bought the horse AFTER extending the stay. Some figures to help you:

This is after the initial boarding for 30 days, at 25e a night, with 90 day extensions:
Transferring 10k: 25e x 400 days, or 5 extensions.
Transferring 50k: 25e x 2000 days, or 22 extensions.
Transferring 100k: 25e x 4000 days, or 45 extensions.
Transferring 500k: 25e x 20000 days, or 800(799) extensions.

Use the money for showers, boxes, meadows, whatever, but remember that even though the EC gets money, you lose money. EC stuff costs way more than breeder stuff. And I still haven't figured out how to transfer EC money to breeder's reserve. If I did, I'd be restarting my EC every week.


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