Friday, January 11, 2013

Unicorn Breeding: 1 in 3 odds by Canuk

Unicorn breeding, when done right, is a 1in 6 chance, but using this special formula.....

How to better your chance of a successful Unicorn breeding:

- breed as close to midnight game time as you can but not at midnight
- breed your mare to a stallion with at least 4 "uni rejects in a row"
- breed a mare that has had at least 2 failed breedings
- you are more likely to get a successful uni cover from pony breeds
- DO NOT use age points on a uni horse EVER
- forget the horse after you breed it ... the longer you leave it untouched in your stable the better (magic number seems to be 10-14 days)
- don't breed on weekends

... you can increase your odds from 1 in 6 to an amazing 1 in 3.


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    1. Every breed of horse that has been on the site for 3+ months should also be a unicorn breed, but the newer ones may not have been introduced yet.

  2. aging point don't matter, and i always breed my unicorns on weekends..