Friday, January 11, 2013

Variables: Snow, Greyfell, Balios Types

Balios is an especially generous divine horse. On the 19th of every month, at the site's update time, it will give its owner a Nyx Pack, but only if the owner logged in the day before. If the owner wasn't also its breeder, it gives them a Nyx Pack on the 19th of January, April, July and October only (as long as the owner logged in the day before). Plus, its skills increase a little every day...
Rate: 1 Nyx Pack/month

Greyfell is a divine horse that can rise from its ashes like a phoenix. Every day, if it's not immortal, it loses health. If it has survived at least 30 days since its last birth or rebirth, you receive 2 diamonds and 20 000 equus when you send it to Heaven. You can bring it back to life with Pandora's Box or revitalize it with Black Orchids. There are 12 different Greyfell, 2 of which are female. Only once during the game, on the 1st of a month, if you have at least one of each that's still alive, you can transform one into a Palomino Sleipnir on its profile page. Females can reproduce once with a Greyfell male, giving birth to another Greyfell.
Rate: 2 diamonds 20k equus/month

Snow is a Divine horse built for competition. Each Snow has his name written in a color that characterizes his specialty. Blue indicates a specialist in cross-country. Red is for show jumping specialists. Green designates trotters. Purple is for horses specialized in gallop. Orange indicates a barrel-racing expert. The white one is a dressage expert