Friday, January 11, 2013

Wandering Horses

In order to win a Wandering Horse and its gift, collect points by completing missions. Once you've reached 100 points, the horse joins your game for five days!

Wandering Horses Round #4
Mission: Log in Regularily/ 9 points a  day
Gift: 1 Achilles Heel
Tips: N/A

Mission: Participate in flash sales or give a donation to Ow/ 2,4,6,8,20,50 points
Prize: 1 Horn of Plenty
Tip: Participate in the flash sales near the end of the contest; they can be 3x cheaper

Mission: Participate in competitions / Points vary
Prize: 1 Harmony Pack
Tip: When you own fewer horses, you don't have to enter as many competitions. Try Crosscountry/Showjumping for English, and Reining/Western Pleasure for Western.

Mission: Celebrate the 50th birthday of your horses / 14 points per horse
Prize: 20 Diamonds
Tip: Buy horses that are close to 50 years old, and age them.

Mission: Open Horns of Plenty / 4 points per Horn of Plenty
Prize: Nyx Pack
Tip: Stroke Xanthos and hope for a Horn of Plenty; you can also use the one you get from Indiana

Mission: Obtain the other 6 Wandering Horses / 17 points per horse
Prize: Zephyr, the 3rd wind horse from the South.
Tip: N/A